Kentucky Camp 2012

I’ve had an amazing past few weeks riding and racing my bike. Probably my most notable progress is my time at BCT and Kentucky Camp. I think I’m starting to get the endurance racing formula down (it is a complicated one).

Kentucky Camp big loop was my first ever endurance race. Some stats from it:
11/20/2010 7:29:01

This year I pulled the following:
11/17/2012 4:52:29

In two years’ time I improved my Personal Record by 2:36:32! How did I do it this time around?

1. Eating right: 5 weeks prior to Kentucky Camp, I started eating “right.” Meat. Vegetables. Sparse fruit. NO BEER. Reduced portions. Nuts. Avocados. NO RICE. NO flour tortillas. I slipped up daily and ate a lot of carne asada tacos. Over the 5 weeks, I dropped 7 lbs and am now the lightest I have ever been in a very long time.
2. Training on Agua Caliente Hill. I can feel the pain that hill puts on me and while racing I can feel the power it gives.
3. Black Canyon Trail Race: I rode fast and felt good. Usually I just take it easy and hope for it to be over and it takes a long time. This race gave me some confidence and let me know what I could (and couldn’t) get away with.
4. Taper
5. Rest day
6. Pizza, AJ’s pre-race dinner/breakfast BBQ pizza
7. Coffee
8. Encouragement, All those I passed/was passed by during the race, passed on some good words.
9. Music, ISIS/Slough Feg-The Traveller
10. Beautiful weather
11. Watching the movie Valhalla Rising to give me mental strength
12. Perfectly adjusted fork as per Scott’s tips!


So many variables to consider!

Race Recap:
Climbing with fast group. Unsustainable pace. Let others pass. Box Canyon Rd minutes earlier! Kentucky Camp 10 minutes earlier! Caught Max halfway through, let off the gas to pace a bit more evenly. Cleaned the ascent-o-death. Figured I could get sub-5 by the time I hit KC. I hurt, but paced well up Melendez pass and AZT climb. At the top of the climb, I ripped as quickly and carefully downhill as possible as a sidewall rip was very likely and would be devastating. From that point on, I stood up and hammered every climb and sprinted the flats hoping for a tiny bit of downhill to catch my breath. I ended up hitting the sand and pushing a brain-bending final sprint to the finish for good measure. I felt great. Cold beer in one hand, chocolate milk in the other. Good friends and fellow racers were around. I hurt everywhere, but felt amazing. A big thanks to Chad Brown and the Arizona Endurance Series for putting on such a great event!

In a few weeks I will be starting the LW Coaching XC Cat 1 Base training plan to refine what I’ve got going for me.

Also, I have been meaning to post this article: SICK, BRAH: THE INELOQUENCE OF TALKING ABOUT THE OUTDOORS Enjoy.

With all the racing I’ve been doing, the camera hasn’t been coming out as much. Although there have been a ton of pictures of me racing, funny how that works.

5 thoughts on “Kentucky Camp 2012

  1. I found that Semi-rad blog a while back and added it to my RSS feeds, great commentary and writing there for sure. Nice work on the KC loop, I may bug you at some point to get some “good eating” habits down, some of the No-no foods you mentioned I thought were pretty good for you, shows what I know

    • Over the 5 weeks, I probably slipped up once a week. It is pretty easy to not drink them when they are not in your house and you are cooking all the time anyways. However, when you go out to eat and there is Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s IPA on tap, it is kind of a no brainer as to what is going to happen.

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