Hawai’i Ride 1

Made a trip out to Oahu’s North shore and was able to squeeze in a few rides. This was my first time back on technical singletrack since my crash on the Gap. The hawai’i singletrack (that I was able to find) was very different, sometimes fairly technical singletrack. I used a site called mtbhawaii.com to find all the singletrack. I’m sure the locals have their share of awesome secret trails (we surely do not have any awesome secret local trails in Tucson,yep), but I was unable to really find any local riders via online sources or through bike shops.

I rented a Specialized Enduro Expert which turned out to be a pig of a bike compared to my Trek Remedy. The comparison isn’t really fair since my bike is meticulously maintained and tuned and tricked out compared to the bombing range test bike I was furnished with. I still had a blast on the Enduro and found it to be a capable descender despite a wiggly steer tube, suspension with very slow rebound (despite clicker turning), and cheapo plastic pedals. I’m sure with some TLC and a little more knowledge of suspension the bike would be a monster AM rig. I also wasn’t used to the 24/36 granny on the 2×10. I prefer the 3×9 22/34 which is an easier ratio for crawling up long climbs/resting between sections. Who cares about the bike though, I had a killer time trying my hand at new terrain and new challenges.

I had the bike for three days and went for three rides. Each ride featured nice temperatures, but brutal humidity since I spent most of my rides in mountainous jungle. I have never ridden in such a humid climate and it was a real experience being completely soaked in a hot water jacket the whole time. This made for many breaks for taking pictures, picking lines, and downing some snacks.

My first ride was the Hau’ula loop trail. It was good getting out and spinning around and trying my hand at new terrain. I will post up the other rides soon.

At any rate, check out the pictures.