Training Time

It is time to start training, hard, for real. There is the first AES race coming up and I do not feel ready for it. At any rate, I have been attacking my record on the bunny loop, hoping to beat my remedy time on my rigid SS 29er. I was hoping that I would be faster on my 0″ travel bike versus my 6″ travel bike, but I am not. Yet. I added a really hard gear to my twin ring setup which got me a wee bit closer. I am now rolling 32/20 and 35/17 on my twin ring setup. I did my fastest time trial with the 35/17 during the day, but was still just under 19seconds slower than my remedy time. I am thinking my few mistakes during the run cost me those 19seconds. My goal is to push a sub 19 minute time trial on the Bunny Loop. I am not sure how I will squeeze an additional 26 seconds off my time, but I will figure something out. You can see the graphs between my two time trials and even some top secret heart rate data below.

The rest of the weekend was a trail work session out at the lone cactus loop at fantasy island (foreshadowing, maybe?), a quick hike up Aspen Draw to take some final pictures of the fall leaves and a quick buzz up bugs/down prison. I was shooting for riding scorpion gulch, but the riding company forced me to pick a different ride. Finally, check out the awesome flyers that Janelle made for me after I threatened her with printing one that I made.

Going to be spending this week mentally preparing for the Black Canyon trail AES race on Saturday. Maybe a quick tuesday techy taco ride to see Chad’s new Behemoth he finally built up.

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