Short Bus

Fall is when everything starts to die. In the desert it is the time to start living, to start growing. A Techy Taco Tuesday with Chad and Scott where I picked up some new obstacles. A Lemmon drop where I was all over the place while descending, but picked up some new climbing lines on Green Mt. I gotta go GET that first switchback on Aspen–I shouldn’t be walking that. I gotta go get that line on Green Mt, despite some decent attempts my first and second time down Green Mt (see picture). I gotta commit to a line at the area on Green Mt that has like 4 lines. I gotta get that hard right hand switchback at the start of Green Mt (I am thinking about the far left line). Had to bail Lemmon Drop at Bug to make a lunch date, had fun and felt strong fitness wise. Moved my brakes over to one-finger. Trying to figure out how to “get fast.” What am I doing wrong? What should I change? I definitely need to do something new. More drills, more skills, more thrills. I seem to “get in the zone” every once in a while, I just need it to be more predictable. Another amazing Techy Taco Tuesday, a few more obstacles killed. I think my fork needs a bit more air, it is getting a little dive-y. I’ve found I can make a lot more techy stuff on the uphills if I use a harder gear. I used to putt-putt in my 22/34 granny, but am finding 3-4clicks up is the winning ticket to getting and maintaining momentum, making mounting momentous mountainous monuments manageable.

Our trails are amazing, ride ALL of them at least once. Done that already? Ride them the other way, double the trails. Didn’t make that obstacle? Try it until you make it smoothly or until you start to get really sketched out as today is not the day to beat that one.

MTB goals this “season”: KILL my Kentucky Camp time from last year, do a strong 24HOP SS Solo, _finish_ the AZT300, and clean all of scorpion gulch with confidence. I do not know why people put themselves into bins, it is all totally rad.

It is good to dream big. Sometimes body weakness and fatigue gets the best of me, but this is when I am the most honest. I tend to be overtrained all the time. I consider techy rides as recovery rides since breaks are OK. I am a mutant at heart (or my early MTB mind was twisted into thinking “Chad rides” are normal), but I certainly do not possess a mutant body, yet.

I have a hard four weeks ahead with black canyon, dirty bunny, and Kentucky Camp.

No pressure, no diamonds –Thomas Carlyle.

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